Current Students

Daniel Baker, Graduate Student

Pulsar Scintillation and Black Holes as testing grounds for Quantum Gravity.

Philippe Berger, Graduate Student

Cosmology, large scale structure, and non-gaussianity with the 21 cm line.

Ariel Amaral, Graduate Student

Using pulsar scintillometry to study interstellar scattering screens 

Steven Ufkes, Research Assistant

Pulsar scintillation and high performance computing

Dongzi Li, Graduate Student

Interstellar magnetic fields with pulsar scintillation.

Fangxi Lin, Graduate Student 


Robert Main, Graduate Student

Pulsar Scintillation

Visweshwar Marthi, Post Doctoral Fellow

Techniques for 21-cm cosmology, VLBI Scintillometry.

Dana Simard, Graduate Student

Cosmology, large scale structure, and cosmological neutrinos.

 I-Sheng Yang, Post Doctoral Fellow

Gravity, cosmology.


Tutukhanim Balayeva, Undergraduate Student

Magnetohydrodynamics simulations using GPU