(simulated Magnetically frustrated accretion onto the galactic center black hole)



Ue-Li Pen, (Ph.D. Princeton, 1995)

Associate Director, Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics

McLennan Laboratories, 60 St. George Street, Room 1317

Toronto, Ontario, Canada   M5S 3H8      

Phone: 416-978-6477     Fax: 416-978-3921



2013 PHY2401S

Research Interests

Cosmology: dark matter, neutrinos, dark energy

massively parallel high performance simulations

Pulsar scattering

cosmic tides

black hole physics: entropy, information loss


My primary research interest is 21cm cosmology. This new field maps the neutral hydrogen through the history of the universe. Recently, a new technique called Intensity Mapping allows economic and fast mapping of the cosmic large scale structure. This can lead to precision kinematic measurements of cosmic history, giving insight to dark energy, dark matter and neutrinos.


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