Winter/Spring 2001

MW 1-2, Lash Miller 159


Norman Murray

Phone: 978-1778


HST Image

A gallery of evaporating star-disk systems in Orion's Trapezium taken with the Hubble Space Telescope. Courtesy of Doug Johnstone

 The homework assignment,  handed out in class Wednesday January 31st,  is due Wednesday, February 14th at the end of class

The term test will be on Wednesday, February 28th, during the normal class time (1-2pm), in the usual lecture room (159 LM).  It will be on material through Wednesday, 14 February 2001. Examples of previous exams can be found here.

The Final Exam date has now been set:

Thursday 10 May 2001
Benson Gym, 320 Huron (near Harbord)


A student who is unable to write a term test because of illness will be allowed to take a make-up test provided he/she notifies Dr. Murray within one week after the test was written and submits the University of Toronto Student Medical Certificate or provides a note from his/her registrar. The UofT Medical certificate is available at Health Services, the Office of the Faculty Registrar, College Registrar's Offices and in the Registration Handbook and Timetable. 

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