Scalapack Installation with Intel Compilers

I recently attempted to install Scalapack on our Xeon cluster, and after a thorough googling I could not turn up any significant results with respect to installing the library using the Intel Compilers. The following makefiles compile the libraries and the subsequent tests all pass, barring the parallel Hermitian eigenvalue routine: PCHEEVX. It reported that the input parameters were incorrect however, so I'm not certain that there is actually a problem with the library itself.
The makefiles were created for use with the following required supporting software:
  • Compilers: Intel Fortran / C , version 8.0
  • MPI implementation: LAM 7.1
  • BLAS library: Intel MKL 5.2

  • The main thing to note is that the -fp_port flag must be used in the F77_NOOPT variable, otherwise a machine epsilon evaluation routine will fail to exit, resulting in the test programs appearing to hang/cycle in an infinite loop.

    Scalapack Makefile:
    Blacs Makefile: