I am a Professor of Theoretical Astrophysics at the University of Toronto, working on the fluid dynamics of gravitational collapse and energetic feedback in:
 -  star and star cluster formation,
 -  molecular cloud evolution and the interstellar medium,
 -  black hole formation and accretion,
 -  supernovae, gamma-ray bursts, and related transients, and
 -  stellar tidal disruptions.

Current graduate students:

    Peter Jumper
          Star Cluster Formation with Accretion & Feedback
          Detailed Calculations of Radiation Force in Massive Star Formation
          Connaught International Scholarship, '13

    Niloufar Afsariardchi
          Observational Implications of Aspherical Supernovae
          Simulations of Disk-wind Feedback during Gamma-Ray Burst Explosions
          Classification of Astrophysical Transients
          QEII Scholarship '16; Compute Canada Scholarship '16, Dunlap Inst, U.Toronto, & Reinhardt Fellowships '14-'15; ...

    Ayushi Singh
          Molecular Cloud Structure and Observational Constraints on Star Cluster Formation Theories 

 Current Undergraduate students:

    Emily Deibert - Star Formation Activity in the Dragonfish Molecular Shell

    Nicholas Zomparelli - Neutrino-cooled accretion disks in collapsars

    Ziling (Sylar) Lu - Stellar Wind Feedback in Star Cluster Formation

 Recent undergraduate students:

     Emily Deibert - Physical Origins of the Stellar Initial Mass Function (reading course)

     Carly Berard - Simulating Relativistic Oblique Breakout 

  Recent graduate students:

    Stephen Ro
          Wolf-Rayet star winds and structures
          Dynamics of Stellar Outbursts
          Dynamics of Asymmetric Supernovae
          Self-Similar flows at Supernova Shock Breakout
          L. Gilchrist Fellowship '16; A.G. Bell Award '14; Jui Lin (Allen) Yen Award '13; QEII Graduate Scholarship '12,'13; OGS Scholarship '1

    Britta Hansen
          Simulations of Molecular Cloud Dynamics and Star Cluster Formation

      Pegah Salbi - Simulations of Oblique Shock Breakout in Non-Spherical Supernovae
          Now in private practice.  Organizer of Planetarium Shows in aid of Syrian Refugees.
          Dunlap Inst. Scholarship '12; Reinhard Fellowship '12, RASC (Royal Ast. Soc. of Canada) Gold Medal '12

      Sherry Yeh - Observational Diagnostics of Massive-Star Feedback in HII Regions; Physical State of the 30 Doradus Nebula
          Now Subaru/NAOJ Science Fellow
          Hogg Scholarship '09, Reinhardt Fellowship '08-'11, U. Toronto Fellowship '06-'11, Shirley Jones Fellowship '06

     Mubdi Rahman - Identifying Obscured Giant Star Clusters in the Milky Way
         Now Assistant Research Scientist at Johns Hopkins University
         AAS R. Doxey Prize Honorable Mention '12; Fieldus Award '12; Adel S. Sedra Scholarship '12

     Kaitlin Kratter - Dynamics of Self-Gravity and Fragmentation in Star Formation 
         Now Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona
         Previously ITC Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University and Hubble Fellow at JILA, U. Colorado Boulder
         Hubble Fellowship '12; CASCA Plaskett Dissertation Prize '10; Ontario Graduate Scholarship '10; Yen Award '09

  Recent postdoctoral fellows:

      Rongfeng Shen - Gamma-Ray Bursts and Afterglows; Accretion Disk Evolution in Stellar Tidal Disruption Events     
        Now Associate Professor, The Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

     Ruben Krasnopolsky - Dynamics of Prostostellar Jets and Stellar Wind Bubbles
         Now ASIAA Research Fellow