Talks are aimed to be 25+5 minutes in length
Here you can find the latest version of the programme and the abstracts.
We will have the workshop dinner at the local brewery Bönnsch.



Scintillometry -- the turbulence Picture, Jean-Pierre Macquart
Scintillometry -- the current sheet Picture, Ue-Li Pen
The Large European Array for Pulsars, Kuo Liu
The Gravitational-Wave Universe seen by Pulsar Timing Arrays, Chiara Mingarelli
GMRT and ORT : pulsars and prospects, Viswesh Marthi


On the size and orientation of binary orbits, Paulo Freire
New science enabled by scintillometry: testing gravity, PTA resolution, resolving FRB scattering, Ue-Li Pen
Time domain scattering, Aris Karastergiou
Pulsar science with LOFAR single stations, Caterina Tiburzi
Studying the ISM on AU scales through the secondary spectra of scintillating pulsars, Dana Simard
Applying CMB techniques to Pulsar Scintillometry, Daniel Baker


Descattering Giant Pulses of B1957+20, Marten van Kerkwijk
Localizing the emission of the Crab's giant pulses, Robert Main
Radioastron Observations of Giant Pulses from the Crab Pulsar, Alexey Rudnitskiy
VLBI at low frequencies -- first fringes between the MWA and the GMRT, Franz Kirsten
Probing the complicated scattering geometry of the Crab pulsar through VLBI, Robert Main


Cosmic Prisms in Interferometry, Pulsar Timing and Scintillation Arcs, Carl Gwinn
Investigaton of scattering material in the direction to PSR B0525+21 with space-ground interferometry, Tania Smirnova
Measuring RM variations with LOFAR: ISM vs. ionosphere, Nataliya Porayko
Latest results on 1745-2900, Ralph Eatough
The origin of the intense scattering towards the GC and inner Galaxy, Jason Dexter
Probing interstellar scattering towards the Galactic centre with pulsar VLBI, Olaf Wucknitz
Observing 1745-2900 with Black Hole cam, Michael Kramer
400-800MHz VLBI in Canada: the ARO 46m, DRAO 26m Galt, and the 40m CHIME Pathfinder & 100m CHIME Telescope, Keith Vanderlinde
VLBI between Arecibo and ARO, I-Sheng Yang
Solar Power Towers, Alan Roy