Top Cafes, Bars and Restaurants

As nominated by various CITAzens





Future Bakery

Bloor and Brunswick (and also on Queen west of Bathurst) Great place for coffee and cake. Karen and I usually go for the cafe au lake (our name for the bucket size cappucino). Their sinful chokky cakes are a top cure for jetlag. There is also a range of East European heavy duty food for the very hungry. They also serve beer by the pitcher which is a plus in my book. The CBC occasionally sends a camera crew down here to ask probing questions of the punters (this may or may not interfere with your beer/coffee). This place is unique and is worth a visit. James M 8th April

Dessert Sensation

Baldwin Street. I recommend the Week End Brunch (eggs Natasha), the desserts (Turtle fudge, definitely !). Stephane 22nd April


Peter Pan

373 Queen Street W. Cozy & upscale (i.e., not too cheap, but it's still Toronto: about $10+ per entree). The menu is eclectic, with a bizarre combination of pizzas, pastas, and, at least sometimes, caribbean spices. Appetizers, desserts, and wine are all quite good. Andrew 16th April

Young Thailand

two branches at 111 Gerrard East and 81 Church. Very good Thai food at reasonable prices. The one on Church is supposed to have a better chef.Scott 5th April


499 Church St. Interesting middle Eastern/continental food and exotic surroundings.Scott 5th April

Queen of Sheba

Bloor St. west of Dufferin. Good cheap Ethiopian food. Scott 5th April

Kensington Kitchen

Mediterranean fare, nice atmosphere, great cous-cous, vegetarian friendly, a bit expensive, service on the slow side. A good choice if you're looking for an upscale restaurant near CITA. Derek 8th April

Kum Jug Yuen

East side of Spadina, one block south of College, big yellow sign. Home-cooked chinese cuisine, run by a family who've been there as long as I can remember (at least 12 years). The surroundings are homely (avoid the bathroom), the seating is limited, but the food is *excellent*, and cheap. A meal worth two meals can be had for $6, including tip, even $4 if you're willing to eat stuff that us westerners wouldn't recognize as food but the natives of the restaurant eat every day. Try the hot & sour soup for $4.25 (HUGE bowl) guaranteed to clear any sinuses, or the various meats/tofu with fried noodle for $5.25. It's often overflowing with chinese customers around mealtime, which must be a good sign of the genuineness of the cuisine. Wayne 16th April.



Madison Avenue North of Bloor. Frequented by many CITAzens last year but recently fallen out of favour due to yuppified clientele and a refusal to serve beer by the pitcher. The food is however solid and the fajitas sizzle. The beer garden is great in summer.James M 5th April.

The Ferret and Firkin

Spadina south of Bloor The usual suspect for a quiet CITA ale on a Friday night. The beer is cheap and the pub grub is good. This particular CITAzen highly recommends it. James M 5th April update 16th April My two complaints about this place have been addressed. Firstly they have removed various partitions near the bar thereby increasing the space. Secondly they have designated half the bar as no-smoking. Coowool!

The James Joyce

Bloor west of Spadina The beer is slightly more expensive than at the firkin but is still available by the pitcher. Has pretensions of being an Irish pub. On a Saturday night a two or three piece will reel out a few jigs. Can be fun! James M 5th April.

Duke of York

small, friendly pub with large outdoor patio out back. One block north of Bloor along Bedford (from Varsity Stadium), then turn east for about 50 feet. Patio is heated on cool evenings with gas lamps. Decent view of the stars overhead, good selection of beer & food. If you're a sports team of any kind (volleyball, softball) show up after your game with at least 5 people and you get 50 free chicken wings. The owner is the captain of the UofT open league softball team called -- you guessed it -- the Duke of York. Wayne 16th April.