CITA Job Roster
The Job The Jobee The Backup Responsibility
Job Czaz Neal Dalal Subha Majumdar tell others what to do.
Finance Tsar Yoram Lithwick Candace Duong collect money
New York Times Joerg Fischera Carrie MacTavish buy New York Times on weekdays
Coffee Tsar Latham Boyle Pat McDonald coordinate coffee purchases and care for coffee machine
Seminar Tsar Pat McDonald Andrew Youdin arrange the seminars/visitor schedules
Seminar Serf Mike Kesden Andrew Youdin prepare and post seminar notices
Visitor Tsars Mike Nolta & Jonathan Sievers Tzu-Ching Chang & Samaya Nissanke arrange visitor dinner/interactions and answer general `how to' questions. Check with Candace on upcoming visitor list
Seminar Cookie Monster Jeff Dufaux, Sergey Prokushkin, Huirong Yan   stock cookies for seminars
Coffee and Tea supplies see coffee list   stock the CITA coffee/tea/milk/sugar
Bulletin Board Posting Anne-Katharina Jappsen Mike Nolta put conference poster, job ads on board
Web Assistance Jonathan Dursi Christoph Pfrommer help update CITA web pages on a regular basis
Taking care of the Plants Kevin France Jonathan Braithwaite making CITA environmentally friendly
Social Czar Natasha Ivanova Kevin France  
Friday Dessert ( 3 persons) (see list behind coffee room door)*   bring desserts on Friday afternoons

The Backups:
The Backups are responsible for replacing the "Jobee" if he/she is not available (i.e., not in CITA). This will simplify the procedures when leaving for a trip. If the backup is not present in CITA either, it is the responsibility of the "Jobee" to find a replacement. Some jobs can be done remotely (or can wait short periods) and do not require a backup.

The jobs and their responsibilities:

  1. Job Tzar: General complaints may be addressed to this person but smooth functioning of CITA depends on everyone taking responsibility of their assigned jobs.
  2. Finance Tsar: Collecting money from the CITAzens (please pay promptly!) and reimbursing the NYTimes buyer and the CITAzens responsible for keeping the coffee, tea, milk and sugar supplies in stock. Has authority to break kneecaps.
  3. NYTimes: Buying the NYTimes on weekdays, and recycling the previous day's paper. Give receipts to Finance Tsar / Candace.
  4. Coffee Machine Cleanup: The new espresso machine is great. But it'll remain so only as long as we maintain it. Remember that it's also very costly to repair/replace. The coffee machine has to be cleaned everyday, especially in the evening. Also check to see that its working okay. Last person to use the coffee machine for the day also has the responsibility to close the lounge door (so that the coffee machine remains in the lounge for use the next day!)
  5. Coffee Tsar: coordinating the purchase of coffee supplies (coffee, milk, etc.), and handling any coffee-machine-related emergencies
  6. Seminar Tsar: Arranging the seminars: correspondence with the lecturer, arranging the seminar schedule, booking the seminar room, install projector/projection screen, introduce seminar speaker (or by the host). Candace will book Massey if needed.
  7. Seminar Serf: Preparation and posting of seminar notices; these need to appear on the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 11-14th floor of McLennan Lab as well as the DAA.
  8. Visitor Tsars: Taking care of visitor dinners/lunches and occassional visits to the Firkin, helping visitors interact with CITAzens. Also available for any `how to' questions from new postdocs/long term visitors.
  9. Seminar Cookies: Buy cookies for post-seminar partying. Keep the reciepts and apply for reimbursement once every month.
  10. Coffee and Tea supplies: Keeping a non-empty stock of coffee, tea, sugar and milk. Keep the receipts for reimbursement once every month.
  11. Bulletin Board Posting: Post information on the bulletin boards (and whatever other jobs that Nina/Candace request ...)
  12. Web assistance: Helping to create and update CITAzens' web pages, including the seminar webpage. Helping Chris maintain CITA webpage. Updating CITA webpage on a regular basis.
  13. Taking care of the Plants: Maintaining the plants (watering them and occasionally removing dead leaves/twigs/bugs/students etc).
  14. Social Tsar: Help arrange social events like picnics, parties, Jamboree, etc.
  15. Friday Dessert: This is a CITA legacy. Two at a time, buying (or baking) dessert (usually 2 cakes or equivalents from each person). They are required to prepare the coffee room by 4pm. This includes cleaning up and preparing a pot of fresh coffee. After dessert, they are responsible for cleaning up the leftovers from the centre table. Everyone should wash their own dishes and cutlery and take them back to their office so we don't end up with a pile of dishes in the rack (or worse, in the sink).

Note: Other than people in committees, we need enthusiastic/outgoing/enterprising CITAzens to help Nina and Candace plan and execute CITA events (like picnic, BBQ, parties, movies etc). Ideas and help are more than welcome.