CITA Job Roster

The Job The Jobee The Backup Responsibility
Job Tsar Pfrommer
Tell others what to do
Visitor/Seminar Tsar Nolta Menard Arranges seminars and visitor schedules
Visitor/Seminar Organizer Phil Chang
Send out announcement email, upload talks on the web
Visitor/Seminar Advertiser Chluba
Posting announcements, setting up projector etc.
Dinner Tsars IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER: Arrange visitor dinners/interactions and

Alvarez Barnaby answer general 'how to' questions.

Dalal Erickcek Note: not all dinner tsars have to attend dinner at the same

Mroue Schlichting time, you can take turns.
Hosting Tsar Boyle
Assigning hosts to CITA speakers
Seminar Cookie Monsters Broderick
Stock cookies for seminars
Web Assistants Pfrommer, Sievers Keep the scientific content up-to-date on the web
Newspaper Tsar Blagrave Browning Buy the NYTimes+Globe&Mail, recycling previous day's paper
Coffee Tsar Compiegne
General maintenance for the coffee machine, organize supplies
Coffee and Tea Supplies Beca, Tzu-ching, Hajian, Palenzuela, Rajat, Vasil Stock the CITA coffee/milk/sugar each month
Poster Tsar McDonald Browning Put up conference posters, job ads, etc. on bulletin boards
Fridge Tsar Youdin, Levine Emptying fridge monthly (alternate months)
Social Tsars CITA grad students Help organizing social events, parties
Friday Desserts Everyone Bring 2 desserts on Friday by 3:30 PM
Hosting Visitors every PDF/SRA Introducing visitors to CITAzens and CITA events

The Lunches The Jobee Responsibility
Monday blackboard Thompson Organize lunch
Wednesday astro-ph every participating PDF/SRA Post and prepare new papers

Battaglia, Harper-Clark, Kratter, Shannon Set up projector and screen for astro-ph lunch
Thursday hydro meeting Browning Organize lunch
Friday gravity and HE Pfeiffer Organize lunch

The Committees Participants Faculty
Computing/Web Banh, Duong, Dursi, Nolta, Pen

Pfrommer, Rahman, Sievers
Visitors Phil Chang, Chluba, Menard, Nolta Bond
Annual Report Erikcek, McDonald Thompson